NCAA Got Penn State Punishment Right

It wasn’t the death penalty, but the NCAA laid the hammer down on Penn State on Monday that will cripple the football program for years.

Penn State was fined $60 million, faces a four year bowl ban, loss of scholarships and all their wins between 1998-2011 have been forfeited. A very harsh punishment and one that had to be done.

The NCAA have let corrupt programs off easy in the past. This Penn State case was their opportunity to gain more credibility and try to prevent other programs from severe violations. It is no secret that college sports is as corrupt as FIFA and now they have more respect in the eyes of fans.

It was clear that the Penn State officials turned their back and pretended not to know about what Jerry Sandusky was doing. The highest members at the school were involved and the entire institution faces the consequences.

You can sympathize with the fans in State College and also the current football players. However, the NCAA is allowing current Penn State players to transfer without penalty or losing any eligibility. This will cause, and already has, a pro sport style free agent frenzy a month before the college football season begins.

There are reports that Penn State might not play football this year because many student athletes are planning on transferring or decommitting. It is a little early to tell, but something to consider. Looking ahead, with no postseason play in four years and lack of scholarships, Penn State could be a FCS level football team playing the Big 10.