USA Gets the Rematch they Want

Plenty has been said about the United States’ classic victory over Canada in Monday’s Olympic semifinal. I posted about the match and gave post game thoughts on my Twitter account. Here are a few more things to take from Monday’s match.

  • Watching Christine Sinclair and Megan Rampinoe trade goals was enjoyable to watch. It was the type of must see TV that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo bring each weekend in La Liga.
  • The match was another success on social media. Americans got another chance to be proud of their country and celebrate a dramatic result. Canadians expressed displeasure, but it was good to see a hockey country caring about soccer.
  • The USA have wanted revenge against Japan and they will have that opportunity on Thursday at Wembley. Keep in mind that most of the USA women played 120 minutes on Monday and have less than 72 hours to be ready for the Japanese.