Chicago Sports Power Rankings for September

I released my first edition of Chicago Sports Power Rankings in August. Here are my September rankings using the following criteria:

Current performance- How the athlete has performed in the last month

Past performance- How the play has done in the past and achievements for the organization.

Potential- How the player might fare in the future. Age is a big factor here.

Appeal to buy apparel- Is this player’s jersey or shirsey a big seller and often seen at games or around the city?

Off field reputation- A combination of player’s personality, and role in advertisements and popular culture.

In the news- Are the mainstream Chicago media outlets and blogs writing and talking about this player?

1. Jay Cutler
2. Derrick Rose
3. Brian Urlacher
4. Brandon Marshall
5. Matt Forte
6. Patrick Kane
7. Jonathan Toews
8. Lance Briggs
9. Julius Peppers
10. Paul Konerko
11. Jake Peavy
12. Adam Dunn
13. Patrick Sharp
14. A.J. Pierzynski
15. Devin Hester
16. Chris Sale
17. Anthony Rizzo
18. Starlin Castro
19. Joakim Noah
20. Luol Deng
With the Bears starting in over a week the top players move to the top of the list. The White Sox are in first place as they enter the last month so their best performers also rise. Bulls and Blackhawks players move down the list. The NBA is in middle of offseason and there is a looming lockout in the NHL.
I am just releasing players rankings this month.

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