NFL Picks: Updated 2012 NFL Regular Season Standings

Most of the NFL teams have played a quarter of their schedule (Colts and Steelers were on bye in week 4). Before the season, I predicted the order of each division and over/under for win totals. After four weeks I have given up on some of my preseason predictions and made new picks to my division standings. The wild card teams will have an asterisk.

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Chicago Bears First Quarter Review

The Chicago Bears have played four games this season and are off to a solid start. With three wins and a week 2 loss, and the Bears a tied for Minnesota for first place in the NFC North.

Jay Cutler is the face of the team. On the field he is on track to what we expected. He can make big throws, and seems to play better when offensive coordinator Mike Tice balances the offense with passing and running. Speaking of running, I really like back up running back Michael Bush. Of course Forte is “the guy”, but I like when they mix in Bush every third series and at the goal line. He would be a starting running back for at least 10 teams in the NFL if he wasn’t in Chicago, and is much better then Chester Taylor and Marion Barber.

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Chicago Sports Power Rankings for October

I delayed the October rankings until after the baseball season and the Bears game on Monday night. Both baseball teams missed out on the playoffs again so most of their players fell off the top 20 list. The Bears have started the season 3-1 so some of the players being talked about made their first appearance on the list. Basketball is about to start again and hockey is still in a lockout.

Here are the October player rankings using this criteria:

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