Chicago Sports Power Rankings for October

I delayed the October rankings until after the baseball season and the Bears game on Monday night. Both baseball teams missed out on the playoffs again so most of their players fell off the top 20 list. The Bears have started the season 3-1 so some of the players being talked about made their first appearance on the list. Basketball is about to start again and hockey is still in a lockout.

Here are the October player rankings using this criteria:

1. Jay Cutler- Cutler played his best game of the season on Monday in Dallas. His September consisted of two wins and a brutal loss. He is also talked about off the field and in the media. Face of Chicago sports at the moment with Derrick Rose hurt.

2. Derrick Rose- He is injured and will be out for a most of the regular season, but he is still best and most player in the city when healthy. His interaction with social media and hash tag #TheReturn are getting fans excited.

3. Brandon Marshall- The new Bears receiver has done well in his first four games. He is a viable weapon that Bears fans having been dream about for years. His relationship with Cutler is an intriguing element to the Bears.

4. Brian Urlacher- Before the season, a knee injury jeopardized that he would start the year on time. He has played all four games and still the inspiration to the defense.

5. Matt Forte- He got paid in the summer and injured in week 2. He was supposed to be out to a long time but returned against Dallas. Still key part of offense.

6. Jonathan Toews- Has organized practices for Blackhawks players during the lockout. Another reason he is the best captain in the league.

7. Patrick Kane- Chicago fans hold their breath as we wait to see if Kane goes to Europe to play hockey and party.

8. Lance Briggs- Great start to the season, which was highlighted by a great game on Monday night where he returned an interception for a touchdown.

9. Devin Hester- Has improved as a wide receiver and Chicago is still waiting for the “Windy City Flyer” to return a kickoff or punt for a touchdown.

10. Julius Peppers- Hasn’t had a signature game where he has put up big statistics but still an extremely valuable part to the defense.

11. Charles Tillman- Peanut is in form causing turnovers and he returned an interception for a touchdown on Monday.

12. Joakim Noah- Basketball is coming back and Noah will need a great season.

13. Luol Deng- He chose not to have surgery and will need to score without Rose on the floor.

14. J’Marcus Webb- He is here because Cutler pushed him on the sideline in Green Bay, and the media made a big fuss about it. If he starts to play well, buy his JWebb Nation shirts.

15. Tim Jennings- He has four interceptions and has done well locking down receivers.

16. Carlos Boozer- In his third year, there are no excuses for the Bulls power forward.

17. Henry Melton- A pleasant surprise to the defensive line who is making the most of his opportunities.

18. Paul Konerko- It will be a long offseason for the best baseball player in Chicago.

19. Anthony Rizzo- A lot of expectations for him next season.

20. Jake Peavy- Ace of the staff that just fell short.

Coach Rankings

1. Lovie Smith

2. Tom Thibodeau

3. Robin Ventura

4. Joel Quenneville

5. Dale Sveum


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