NFL Picks: Week 7 Early Look

Before going into my early picks for week 7, there have been some interesting trends this year. One thing I have been looking at all year is home underdogs that are getting between 2.5 and 3.5 points when I make the pick. The home underdog is 10-4 so far in this case. Also all four teams that had a bye in week 5 covered against the spread in week 6. So teams off the bye are 5-1 against the spread this season. Chicago, Jacksonville, Oakland and New Orleans were on bye in week 6.

Here is where I’m leaning towards in week 7 with Monday night lines:

Seahawks +7 @ 49ers

Leaning towards Seahawks

Tennessee +3 @ Bills

Leaning towards Bills

Cardinals +6 @ Vikings

Leaning towards Cardinals

Browns +3 @ Colts

Leaning towards Colts

Ravens +6.5 @ Texans

Leaning towards Ravens

Packers -5.5 @ Rams

Leaning towards Packers

Cowboys -2 @ Panthers

Leaning towards Cowboys  

Redskins +6.5 @ Giants

Leaning towards Redskins

Saints -3 @ Buccaneers 

Leaning towards Buccaneers

Jets +10.5 @ Patriots 

Leaning towards Jets

Jaguars +4 @ Raiders 

Leaning towards Raiders

Steelers -2.5 @ Bengals 

Leaning towards Bengals

Lions +5 @ Bears 

Leaning towards Bears

Come back at the end of the week for my final picks and most confident predictions.



3 thoughts on “NFL Picks: Week 7 Early Look

  1. So what does it mena when you say seahawks +7? do you think they will win or will win by 7?

  2. They are 7 point underdogs. That is the spread. Below I said leaning towards Seahawks so I think they will cover against the spread.

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