NFL Picks: Week 7

It seems likes Seattle is part of the most dramatic games when it comes to the point spread in 2012. First there was the week 3 game against Green Bay when they won on one of the most disputed calls in NFL history. Now there was last night’s game where they were down by seven with under a minute left against the 49ers. I picked this game as the 49ers as seven point favorites but some had the line at 7.5. With under a minute in the game the Seahawks committed a penalty in their own end zone and by rule that is a safety. The result of the play was a failed fourth down conversion so Jim Harbaugh declined the penalty to keep it at a seven point game. Crazy ending to the start of week 7.

Another thing before I make my picks, underdogs have been great against the spread this year. According to my counting, underdogs are 52-35-4 this year. Seventeen games over .500 is huge after only six weeks. If you are totally unsure of who to pick then taking the underdog might be the way to go.

Here are my picks this week with Friday afternoon lines:

Bills -3 over Titans

Redskins +6 over Giants

Buccaneers +2 over Saints

Panthers +2.5 over Cowboys

Ravens +6.5 over Texans

Colts -2 over Browns

Packers -5.5 over Rams

Cardinals +6.5 over Vikings

Jets +10.5 over Patriots

Raiders -4.5 over Jaguars

Bengals +1 over Steelers

Bears -6.5 over Lions

Five most confident: Bills, Redskins, Buccaneers, Jets, Bengals

Straight up:

Season picks ATS: 51-37-4

Season most confident ATS: 17-13-2

Season picks straight: 54-38


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