NFL Picks: Week 9 Early Outlook

Here are the updated trends that I follow.

One thing that stuck out in week 8 was away underdogs were 7-3. According to the lines I have picked, away underdogs have covered 44 times this season and home favorites have only covered 28 times. On the theme of underdogs doing well, home underdogs have covered 21 times and away favorites have covered 15 times. There have been four pushes this season and I excluded the Patriots-Rams game into the above numbers because the game was in London. However, the Patriots were favorites and covered.

Here is where I’m leaning towards in week 9. Check back Friday for my final picks:

Chiefs +8 @ Chargers

Leaning towards Chargers

Broncos -3.5 @ Bengals

Leaning towards Bengals

Cardinals +10 @ Packers 

Leaning towards Packers

Dolphins -2.5 @ Colts 

Leaning towards Colts

Ravens -3.5 @ Browns

Leaning towards Browns

Bills +10 @ Texans

Leaning towards Bills

Panthers +3 @ Redskins 

Leaning towards Redskins

Lions -3.5 @ Jaguars 

Leaning towards Jaguars

Bears -3.5 @ Titans 

Leaning towards Bears

Vikings +5 @ Seahawks

Leaning towards Seahawks

Buccaneers +1.5 @ Raiders 

Leaning towards Buccaneers

Steelers +3.5 @ Giants 

Leaning towards Steelers

Cowboys +4.5 @ Falcons

Leaning towards Falcons

Eagles +3.5 @ Saints 

Leaning towards Saints


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