NFL Picks: Week 9

The Chargers dominated and covered against the Chiefs last night. Don’t worry America, the Chiefs will be back on national TV when they play the Steelers next Monday night. Go turnovers!

One note for this week is there are eight games in the 1 PM eastern time slot. Five of those games are home underdog vs. away favorite.

Here are the rest of my week 9 picks:

Bengals +4 over Broncos

Packers -10 over Cardinals

Colts +2 over Dolphins

Browns +4 over Ravens

Texans -10 over Bills

Washington -3 over Panthers

Jaguars +5 over Lions

Titans +3.5 over Bears

Seahawks -4 over Vikings

Buccaneers +1 over Raiders

Steelers +3.5 over Giants

Falcons -4 over Cowboys

Saints -3 over Eagles

Five most confident in: Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Seahawks, Falcons


Week 9 ATS: 1-0

Season picks ATS: 64-51-4

Season most confident ATS: 23-18-2

Season picks straight: 74-45


4 thoughts on “NFL Picks: Week 9

  1. Great job for fading away the Cowboys :)…I can’t believe that your Bears blew out the TITANS (my pick on Sunday) while you went against them.

    Keep it up the good work!

    By the way, How confident do you think the Saints will cover 3 points tomorrow ?

    I need to get my $ back 🙂

  2. I don’t think the Eagles are good at all and the Saints are solid at home. Not very confident but I would pick the Saints.

    • Once again, thank you very much..I stayed away MNF game btw Saints and Eagles …but one more time you proved that you’re always right on MNF and TNF..Keep it up!

  3. Well, you were very good at MNF and TNF…So I’ll be riding with you on NO…Hopefully they won’t let their fans down at home.

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