NFL Picks: Week 15 Early Look

Playoff races in the AFC and NFC are starting to take shape with three weeks left in the regular season. Week 15 is one of the best slate of games in a while especially in the early 1 PM eastern time slot. Chicago/Green Bay, Atlanta/New York and Baltimore/Denver all play early on Sunday. I was surprised at first that none of these games were flexed to late afternoon or Sunday night. However, CBS has the 4:25 PM games and they wouldn’t move Baltimore/Denver with a game like Dallas/Pittsburgh already in that slot. NBC has New England/San Francisco for Sunday night so no need to flex out of that game. There are also other games with playoff implications that will make the postseason race clearer after week 15.

Here is where I’m leaning towards for each game against the point spread. Picks will be finalized later this week. 

Bengals -3.5 @ Eagles

Leaning towards: Bengals

Packers -3 @ Bears 

Leaning towards: Packers

Giants +1 @ Falcons 

Leaning towards: Giants

Buccaneers +3.5 @ Saints

Leaning towards: Buccaneers

Vikings +3 @ Rams

Leaning towards: Rams

Redskins (no line) @ Cleveland

The RGIII injury status is keeping this game at no line for now.

Jaguars +7 @ Dolphins

Leaning towards: Jaguars

Broncos -3 @ Ravens

Leaning towards: Ravens

Colts +8 @ Texans

Leaning towards: Texans

Panthers +3 @ Chargers

Leaning towards: Chargers

Seahawks -5.5 vs. Bills in Toronto 

Leaning towards: Seahawks

Lions -6.5 @ Cardinals 

Leaning towards: Lions

Steelers -2 @ Cowboys

Leaning towards: Steelers

Chiefs +3 @ Raiders

Leaning towards: Chiefs

49ers +6 @ Patriots

Leaning towards: 49ers

Jets +1.5 @ Titans 

Leaning towards: Jets


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