EPL Predictions Revisited

Before the EPL season I predicted how the table would finish. I also made predictions for some other European leagues, but I will focus on the EPL because that is the league I follow the closest. Here were my picks:

1. Manchester United

2. Manchester City

3. Chelsea

4. Arsenal

5. Liverpool

6. Newcastle

7. Tottenham

8. Everton

9. Stoke

10. Sunderland

11. Aston Villa

12. QPR

13. West Brom

14. Fulham

15. West Ham

16. Norwich

17. Swansea

18. Wigan

19. Southampton

20. Reading

  • I picked the top four right in order. I thought Manchester United would bounce back after their rivals, Manchester City, won the league last year. Chelsea and Arsenal always seem to make the Champions League spots and they did once again this year.
  • Tottenham finished fifth and Liverpool seven so I had those team flipped in my picks.
  • I was very wrong on Newcastle, who finished 16th and was in relegation danger most of the season.
  • I thought QPR would be better, but predicted two of the three regulation teams in Wigan and Reading. Wigan finished 18th like a predicted and Reading ended the season three points ahead of 20th place QPR.

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