Confederations Cup Predictions

Group A

1. Italy

2. Brazil

3. Japan

4. Mexico

Group B

1. Spain

2. Uruguay

3. Nigeria

4. Tahiti


Italy over Uruguay

Spain over Brazil


Spain over Italy

Give Stan Bowman Credit

Last season left a bad taste in my mouth. Not because how the Blackhawks lost to the Coyotes. Not because the future of Marian Hossa was in jeopardy after Raffi Torres tried to end his career. The upsetting part was the impatience from Blackhawks fans about general manager Stan Bowman.

People questioned him not signing a big free agent the summer before. Fans were mad that he stayed loyal to Corey Crawford between the pipes. While Blackhawks fans blasted Bowman and wanted him gone, I knew he was the right guy for the job and wanted to give him more time. Continue reading