Ten Best Moments From The Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Run

One month ago the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on a Monday night in Boston. It was the end of a thrilling two months of playoff hockey with a range of emotion. Let’s revisit the wild ride and look back at the ten best and most important moments from the cup run.

1. Stanley Cup Final, Game 6

17 seconds. Enough said.

2. Western Conference Semifinals, Game 7

Two saddest words in Detroit this summer: “bankruptcy” and “Seabrook”.

3. Western Conference Finals, Game 5

Kane does his best work on Saturday nights. “That’s hockey baby.”

4. Stanley Cup Final, Game 4

Seabrook again. Made the series 2-2, instead of 3-1 B’s.

5. Stanley Cup Final, Game 1

I love shin pads and games that go to midnight.

6. Western Conference Semifinals, Game 6

Frolik Navidad.

7. Western Conference Finals, Game 4

Not many players in the world can a score a goal like this.

8. Western Conference Semifinals, Game 5

Rare powerplay goal. Toews’ first of playoffs. Got Hawks back in the series.

9. Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 1

First of many great Bickell moments that led to a nice contract.

10. Stanley Cup Final, Game 1

Crawford’s best save in an incredible playoffs.


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