The Seven Most Over-Covered American Sports Stories In July

Sports news in July can get really boring. The only sport going on is baseball and it’s still the middle of the season. It’s awkward period of time where fans start looking forward to the football season even though it’s two months away. Because we live in a society that is dominated by Twitter, people have become hungry for news and they want that news as quickly as possible. When there isn’t many sports highlights to show ESPN and other sports news sources talk about a handful of stories everyday and it gets annoying. This July was no exception. After a great sports month in June, the stories become repetitive and make you miss football even more. Here are seven stories that got way too much coverage this month on TV or the internet:

1. Johnny Manziel- When he won his Heisman Trophy he was Johnny Football. This summer he is a 20 year old, rich kid from Texas that has off the field issues. It started when he showed up late to a Manning quarterback camp and may have been hungover. The story went on all month and no one is really sure what happened that got him sent home from the camp. Then last weekend he came up with the bright idea to go to a Texas frat party, and he got kicked out and a beer was thrown on him. The next day he wore a Tebow Jets jersey to another party at Texas. Manziel has a chance to quiet critics with his actions on the football field. If he beats Alabama against on September 14, then most will forget this summer.

2. Aaron Hernandez murder case- This story started in June, but escalated quickly in July. It’s a sad story but the coverage of it was too much. Cameras outside his house before he got arrested was the start of the craziness. Hernandez obviously had issues in the past and finally got caught. With a court date set in August, we will be hearing about this for along time.

3. Ryan Braun and biogenesis- Ryan Braun finally admitted to using PEDs and accepted a season ending suspension with his team well out of the division race. Braun pulled a Lance Armstrong and basically ruined another man’s life in 2012 when he won an appeal after he was handed a 50-game suspension before the 2012 season. Steroids in baseball happen, but I think everyone is tired of hearing about it, especially Braun’s case. The annoying part of the coverage was interviewing Matt Kemp who finished second behind Braun for the 2011 NL MVP. Also the Aaron Rodgers tweeting that he bet his salary that Braun was clean, was overplayed quite a bit. With A-Rod and others rumored to be suspended soon, expect this story to share headlines with preseason NFL in August.

4. Dwight Howard to Houston- You knew this would be the big story of NBA free agency because the Lakers were involved and Howard is one of the more indecisive humans in the world. He certainly got a lot of attention for a player who hasn’t produced much in the last two seasons. He finally settled in Houston and can spend four years there not making it out of the second round of the playoffs.

5. NFL training camps- On TV, the coverage at a national level of Robert Griffin III and his knee has been ridiculous. Every time he tweets or throws a ball at practice gets mentioned. It’s not news. On Twitter, training camps is full of overreaction. Who cares if someone fumbled or threw an interception?

6. Justin Bieber in the Blackhawks locker- This got a ton of coverage on a local level in Chicago and I think was in the national media for a couple hours. I don’t need to explain what happened because it’s not worth repeating or thinking about too hard.

7. College Football media days- ESPN covered the SEC media days throughly. Media days in general are not that interesting unless Steve Spurrier, Les Miles or Bret Bielema speak. There was also some Big Ten media day coverage but the spotlight was taken by Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who coached Hernandez, and has coach many players other players with criminal records. Four weeks from today the season starts so that’s exciting.


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