NFL Picks: Week 1

Off to a 0-1 start after Denver woke up in the second half and Peyton Manning picked apart the Ravens secondary. The reason I made it a two-star pick and not three was because of the potential for a blowout.

This season I will pick every NFL game against the spread again, but will do it a little differently. I will categorize my picks in three groups: three-star picks, two-star picks, one-star picks. Continue reading


College Football Picks: Week 2

Last week I made my college football picks on Twitter. For the rest of the season I will took at all the games involving top 25 teams and other games I have an opinion on. I will organize my picks in three categories.

“Confident picks” will be the games I have a strong opinion on.

“Leaning towards picks” will be the games I would pick but not as confident.

“No action” are top 25 games where I have no opinion on.

Last week I was 4-3 in my confident picks and 3-2 in my leaning towards picks. Continue reading

Why The Bears Will Make The Playoffs

Since I have been in college, starting in 2010, I have had minimal expectations before each Bears season. It’s hard to get a feel for the team when you are far away from the Chicago media and don’t have the ability to watch a preseason game unless you stream it on a computer. After watching years of Lovie Smith’s teams, there wasn’t too much to get excited about each year.  The defense would be solid but the offense would need everyone healthy to have the best personal to execute with a bad offensive coordinator.  Continue reading