NFL Picks: Week 4 Early Look

We get an idea of how good or bad each team is after the first three weeks in the NFL season. A lot of people overreact after one game and the next few weeks are different. The perfect example is the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone watched them dominate the Washington Redskins for one half on Monday Night Football in Week 1. They held on to beat the Redskins but then lost straight up to the Chargers and Chiefs at home.

Here is a early outlook for lines in Week 4 (lines as of Monday night). I will add what I think the line should be. Under the Week 4 games I will rank the 32 teams based on rankings against the spread.

49ers -3 @ Rams

My line: 49ers -5.5 (Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis might not play so this will probably change)

Steelers -1 vs. Vikings in London

My line: Steelers -2

Ravens -3.5 @ Bills

My line: Ravens -3.5

Bengals -5.5 @ Browns

My line: Bengals -3.5

Buccaneers -3.5 vs. Cardinals

My line: Buccaneers -3.5 (if Freeman starts)

Colts -9 @ Jaguars

My line: Colts -7.5

Seahawks -3 @ Texans

My line: Seahawks -3 (keep track of Andre Johnson’s status)

Chiefs -4.5 vs. Giants

My line: Chiefs -4.5

Lions -3 vs. Bears

My line: Lions -2

Titans -4.5 vs. Jets

My line: Titans -4.5

Redskins -3 @ Raiders

My line: Redskins -1.5

Cowboys -1.5 @ Chargers

My line: Cowboys -1.5

Broncos -10 vs. Eagles

My line: Broncos -11

Falcons -1.5 vs. Patriots

My line: pick

Saints -6 vs. Dolphins

My line Saints -5

Rankings after Week 3

1. Seattle

2. Denver

3. San Francisco

4. Green Bay

5. New England

6. New Orleans

7. Cincinnati

8. Baltimore

9. Houston

10. Chicago

11. Dallas

12. Miami

13.  Atlanta

14. Kansas City

15. Detroit

16. Carolina

17. Indianapolis

18. New York Giants (probably should be lower)

19. Tennessee

20. Philadelphia

21. Washington

22. Pittsburgh

23. San Diego

24. St. Louis

25. Tampa Bay (will downgrade if they start Glennon)

26. Minnesota

27. Arizona

28. New York Jets

29. Cleveland

30. Buffalo

31. Oakland

32. Jacksonville


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