NFL Picks: Week 4 Thursday Night

49ers -3.5 over Rams

I will make this a two-star pick. I think the 49ers win and cover in a low scoring game. It didn’t happen last week, but San Francisco usually bounces back strong after a loss. I think in a division game, they will be focused and their defense will play a lot better. I watched the entire Rams game last week and their offense was terrible. Now they play on a short week, which is a disadvantage to their offense. The only thing holding me back from making this a three-star pick is that the Rams finished 4-1-1 against their division last season and Jeff Fisher always motivates his team to play in those games. 

Season Record:

Three-star picks: 2-8

Two-star picks: 12-10-1

One-star picks: 7-6-2



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