NFL Picks: Week 8

Some big spreads this week so should be an interesting week in the NFL. I picked the Buccaneers on my Twitter account yesterday so I missed that two-star pick.

Three-Star picks

Bengals -6 over Jets

Redskins +13 over Broncos

Falcons +3 over Cardinals

Vikings +10 over Packers

Two-Star picks

49ers 15.5 over Jaguars 

Giants +5 over Eagles

Saints -11 over Bills

Steelers +3 over Raiders

One-Star picks

Cowboys +3 over Lions

Chiefs -9 over Giants

Dolphins +7 over Patriots

Rams +12 over Seahawks

Season Record

Three star: 12-15

Two-star: 24-20-3

One-star: 15-16-2


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