NFL: Week 1 Picks

I have four picks for Sunday and Monday night in the NFL. I will provide my contest picks with a short analysis for the rest of the games. “My line” means what I think the line should be.

Saints (-3) at Falcons

My line: Saints -1

Analysis: I was very close to picking Atlanta but don’t trust taking them here. Saints offense can dominate in opener.

Pick: Pass (Contest: Falcons)

Vikings at Rams (-3.5)

My Line: Rams -3.5

Analysis: Shaun Hill against Matt Cassel isn’t what we imagined. Can see either team winning this game so take the points if you have to.

Pick: Pass (Vikings)

Browns at Steelers (-7)

My Line: Steelers -7.5

Analysis: Don’t trust either team right now. Steelers started off slowly last year and I could see that same thing happening again.

Pick: Pass (Browns)

Jaguars at Eagles (-10.5)

My Line: Eagles -10

Analysis: Jacksonville has greatly improved and I think are the right team here. Could see Eagles offense exploding and covering late so staying away.

Pick: Pass (Jaguars)

Raiders at Jets (-5.5)

My Line: Jets -5.5

Analysis: The Raiders are horrible so I would lean towards the Jets. But confidently picking a Geno Smith team giving this many points? No thank you.

Pick: Pass (Jets)

Bengals at Ravens (-1)

My Line: Ravens -3

Click for analysis

Pick: Ravens

Bills at Bears (-7)

My Line: Bears -7.5

Analysis: Bears have done very well in these opening games but too many question marks on defense.

Pick: Pass (Bears)

Redskins at Texans (-3)

My Line: Texas -2.5

Analysis: I think the Redskins will win straight up as the Texans figure out their quarterback issues. Washington has issues of their own though.

Pick: Pass (Redskins)

Titans at Chiefs (-3)

My Line: Chiefs -4

Analysis: Would’ve taken the Titans here if the line was at the opening number. Think they can will straight up against a Chiefs team that will regress.

Pick: Pass (Titans)

Patriots (-5) at Dolphins

My Line: Patriots -3

Click for analysis

Pick: Dolphins

Panthers at Buccaneers (-2)

My Line: Buccaneers -2.5

Click for Analysis

Pick: Buccaneers

49ers (-4.5) at Cowboys 

My Line: 49ers -3.5

Analysis: Dallas is the right side here but don’t trust the Cowboys. Can see Dallas losing a late heartbreaker where Romo and Bryant put up big numbers.

Pick: Pass (Cowboys)

Colts at Broncos (-7.5)

My Line: Broncos -8

Analysis: Very tempted to take the Broncos but could see the Colts’ offense counter most of Denver’s scores.

Pick: Pass (Broncos)

Giants at Lions (-6)

My Line: Lions -3.5

Analysis: My line shows that I should take the Giants. However, they have no running game and a porous offensive line, which could spell turnovers for Eli Manning.

Pick: Pass (Giants)

Chargers at Cardinals (-3)

My Line: Cardinals -1.5

Click for analysis

Pick: Chargers


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