NFL: Week 2 Picks

I started the week 0-1 after picking the Steelers in the Thursday night game. I’m now 2-3 on the season and 6-11 overall in contest picks. I’m picking four more game this weekend including an over/under. Hyperlinks for analysis are provided below. For the other games I’ll provide a brief sentence or two on the side I would take in a contest.

Lions at Panthers (-3)

My line: Panthers -1.5

Analysis: It looks like Newton will play but he hasn’t spent much time with his receivers in the preseason. Lions are coming off a Monday night game playing at home so I wouldn’t pick them with confidence.

Pick: Pass (Contest: Lions)

Dolphins (-1) at Bills 

My line: Bills -1.5

Click for analysis

Pick: Bills

Jaguars at Redskins (-6)

My line: Redskins -6

Analysis: Jaguars were unlucky not to cover against the Eagles. Can’t trust the Redskins until Robert Griffin III plays better.

Pick: Pass (Jaguars)

Cowboys at Titans (-3.5)

My line: Titans -3.5

Analysis: Cowboys can stay in this game if they limit their turnovers. Titans beat a Chiefs team that I think will struggle mightily this season.

Pick: Pass (Cowboys)

Cardinals (-3) at Giants 

My line: Cardinals -1

Analysis: Line has too big to pick but can’t trust this Giants team after what I saw on Monday in Detroit. I do have an opinion on the over/under in this game.

Pick: Pass (Cardinals)

Patriots (-3) at Vikings 

My line: Patriots -5

Click for analysis

Pick: Patriots

Saints (-7) at Browns 

My line: Saints -6.5

Analysis: Tempted to pick the Browns here but the Saints will play mad knowing they don’t want to start 0-2.

Pick: Pass (Browns)

Falcons at Bengals (-5)

My line: Bengals -5

Analysis: Atlanta is coming off a big division win and play on Thursday in Week 3. Cincinnati was 8-0 against the spread at him home last season.

Pick: Pass (Bengals)

Rams at Buccaneers (-5.5)

My line: Buccaneers -2.5

Analysis: Buccaneers are giving too many points but don’t trust whoever the Rams put at quarterback. Fisher will make sure his team is ready after an embarrassing home loss.

Pick: Pass (Rams)

Seahawks (-6) at Chargers

My line: Seahawks -3

Click for analysis

Pick: Chargers

Texans (-3) at Raiders

My line: Texans -3

Analysis: I don’t think either team is good so I’ll lean towards the home underdog.

Pick: Pass (Raiders)

Jets at Packers (-8)

My line: Packers -10.5

Analysis: Packers are poised to bounce back but the Jets defense will contain the Packers offense if they generate a pass rush.

Pick: Pass (Packers)

Chiefs at Broncos (-13)

My line: Broncos -12.5

Analysis: Just too many points here. It’s a six-point adjustment from where this line opened in the summer.

Pick: Pass (Chiefs)

Bears at 49ers (-7)

My line: 49ers -8

Analysis: Bears offense could get going against a 49ers defense missing several key players. Bears need to find an answer for the Kaepernick/Gore/Hyde rushing attack.

Pick: Pass (Bears)

Eagles at Colts (-3)

My line: Eagles -1.5

Analysis: Really like the Eagles here and for Chip Kelly to impress in front of the ESPN cameras. Don’t want to confidently pick against Andrew Luck at home.

Pick: Pass (Eagles)



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