NFL: Week 3 Picks

Picked four games this week. The rest of my contest picks are also included below.

Chargers at Bills (-1) 

My line: Chargers -1

Click for analysis

Pick: Bills

Cowboys (-1.5) at Rams 

My line: Rams -1

Analysis: I strongly lean towards the Rams because I don’t know if the Cowboys can win two straight games on the road. With Austin Davis as the Rams quarterback, I don’t trust St. Louis again.

Pick: Pass (Rams)

Redskins at Eagles (-6)

My line: Eagles -6

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Pick: Redskins

Texans (-1) at Giants 

My line: Pick

Analysis: This is a must-win game for the Giants. I think their offense will play slightly better against a strong Texans defense that hasn’t been tested.

Pick: Pass (Giants)

Vikings at Saints (-10.5)

My line: Saints -12.5

Analysis: Like the Saints a lot here in their home opener against a Vikings team that might be distracted by the Adrian Peterson story. I think the line could be a little higher but there is always worry about the backdoor cover.

Pick: Pass (Saints)

Titans at Bengals (-7)

My line: Bengals -8.5

Analysis: Not sure what to make of this game with some injury concerns on both teams. I know the Bengals are hard to beat at home so small lean towards them.

Pick: Pass (Bengals)

Ravens (-2) at Browns 

My line: Pick

Analysis: Another game where it’s just the slightest of leans towards the favorite. Not sure if Hoyer and the Browns can have a repeat their performance from last week at home.

Pick: Pass (Ravens)

Packers at Lions (-1)

My line: Packers -1.5

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Pick: Packers

Colts (-7) at Jaguars

My line: Colts -4.5

Analysis: This line is high but I don’t trust the Jaguars. At the same time I wouldn’t be shocked if the Jaguars won this game.

Pick: Pass (Jaguars)

Raiders at Patriots (-14)

My line: Patriots -15

Analysis: This game can get ugly quickly but I don’t know if the Patriots have the quick strike offense like they did in the past. Don’t feel comfortable picking either team.

Pick: Pass (Patriots)

49ers (-3) at Cardinals

My line: Cardinals -0.5 (With Palmer healthy)

Analysis: Doesn’t look like Palmer will play. Still would lean towards the Cardinals at home in a lower-scoring game.

Pick: Pass (Cardinals)

Broncos at Seahawks (-5)

My line: Seahawks -4

Click for analysis

Pick: Seahawks

Chiefs at Dolphins (-3.5)

My line: Dolphins -2

Analysis: The line has dropped and the status of Jamaal Charles will determine the closing line. Still like the Chiefs but liked them a lot more before the line moved.

Pick: Pass (Chiefs)

Steelers at Panthers (-3)

My line: Panthers -4

Analysis: A Steelers bounce back seems possible but I don’t think Pittsburgh is a good team this year. Panthers might be overachieving early but they have played well at home recently.

Pick: Pass (Panthers)

Bears at Jets (-3)

My line: Pick

Analysis: Not a great scheduling situation for the Bears but I think they are the better team. Their depth impressed me last week in the win over San Francisco

Pick: Pass (Bears)


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