NFL: Week 4 Picks

Started the week 0-1 after picking the Redskins on Thursday. I thought the dominance of home teams on Thursday nigh would continue. Instead the road team grabbed an early lead and the Redskins never threatened. Here are the rest of my Week 4 picks and contest picks:

Dolphins (-4) vs. Raiders in London

My line: Dolphins -4.5

Analysis: The Raiders have already taken cross-country trips to New York and New England. Now they are in a different continent after a great effort against the Patriots. I don’t think the Raiders will repeat their Week 3 performance and the Dolphins will bounce back after two straight losses.

Pick: Dolphins

Packers (-2) at Bears 

My line: Bears -1

Analysis: The Bears should be the favorite at home. The Packers are desperate for a victory and the Bears are coming off two primetime wins so not a great scheduling situation.

Pick: Pass (Contest: Bears)

Bills at Texans (-3)

My line: Texans -3.5

Analysis: This will be a low-scoring game. E.J. Manuel will struggle against the Texans defense.

Pick: Pass (Texans)

Titans at Colts (-9)

My line: Colts -7

Analysis: I’ll give the Titans one more chance. They have traditionally played the Colts close. I think starting Whitehurst won’t hurt Tennessee because he is familiar with Ken Whisenhunt’s offense.

Pick: Titans

Panthers at Ravens (-3)

My line: Ravens -3

Analysis: I think this will be another low-scoring game. Small lean to the home team after the Panthers struggled on Sunday night.

Pick: Pass (Ravens)

Lions (-2) at Jets

My line: Lions -0.5

Analysis: The Lions are the better team but struggle on the road. They just defeated the Packers at home so I’m expecting a letdown. The Jets face a must-win situation after a tough loss against the Bears.

Pick: Jets

Buccaneers at Steelers (-9)

My line: Steelers -7.5

Analysis: The Steelers have too many injuries to be this big of a favorite. The Buccaneers will have 10 days to recover from their nightmare performance in Atlanta. I think Lovie Smith will have his team ready.

Pick: Buccaneers

Jaguars at Chargers (-14)

My line: Chargers -12

Analysis: The Chargers are good but this line is too high. I think Bortles is an upgrade over Henne.

Pick: Pass (Jaguars)

Eagles at 49ers (-4.5)

My line: 49ers -3.5

Analysis: Seems obvious that the 49ers will jump out to a first half lead and then the Eagles will comeback strong after halftime adjustments.

Pick: Pass (Eagles)

Falcons (-3) at Vikings

My line: Falcons -2

Analysis: I really want to make the Vikings an official pick but thought this line would be higher. I think the Falcons will struggle after a blowout win in Week 3 but don’t trust Teddy Bridgewater yet.

Pick: Pass (Vikings)

Saints (-3) at Cowboys

My line: Saints -3.5

Analysis: Not sure if the Saints are that good. They’re a team that struggles on the road. I think they will start well but the Cowboys will make a second half comeback, and possibly win the game.

Pick: Pass (Cowboys)

Patriots (-3.5) at Chiefs

My line: Patriots -2.5

Analysis: The Patriots haven’t done anything on offense to impress me this season. The Chiefs should be getting Jamaal Charles back, and I think him and Knile Davis will be able to run on the Patriots. Monday night at Arrowhead will provide a true home field advantage for the Chiefs. It also helps the the Royals made the playoffs for the first time in 29 years so the city is buzzing about their teams.

Pick: Chiefs


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