NFL Picks: Review After 6 Weeks

Wanted to do a quick review on the season so far. Apologies for not posting much in the last two weeks. Between a weekend trip and following the Cubs closely in the playoffs, I have been short on time to write. I’ve been tweeting out picks so make sure to follow on Twitter for all my NFL plays.

I went 2-0 in both Week 5 and Week 6 to improve to 11-4 on the season. Here are my results through six weeks:

Week 1 (3-1): Titans pick’em vs Raiders (loss), Eagles/Redskins under 47.5 (win), Jaguars +5 vs Texans (win), Chargers +3.5 vs Broncos (win)

Week 2 (2-0): Titans -1 vs Jaguars (win), Redskins +2.5 vs Rams (win)

Week 3 (1-2): Lions +3 vs Falcons (loss), Chargers +3 first half vs Chiefs (loss), Redskins +3 vs Raiders (win)

Week 4 (1-1): Packers -7 vs Bears (win), Chargers -1 vs Eagles (loss)

Week 5 (2-0): Bengals -3 vs Bills (win), Seahawks +1 vs Rams (win)

Week 6 (2-0): Vikings +3 vs Packers (win), Steelers +4 vs Chiefs (win)

Part of the reason for my early season success is being very selective with games I pick. Sticking with two or three games a week is usually a better strategy than trying to pick a winner in every game. I also think my power ratings have been very helpful for me to find line value.

I’ll post the updated power ratings and cheat sheet on Wednesday. I’m going to drop the Packers drastically after the Aaron Rodgers injury. I had them at 11 last week and will likely downgrade them seven points.


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