NFL Contest Picks: Week 1

This season I’ve decided to share my NFL picks if I was forced to pick every game against the spread. With the popularity of NFL betting increasing, there will be more contests and pools where you pick either a select number of games or all the games.

I will group my picks into five tiers based on my confidence in each side. I’m in several contests where I have to pick five, six or seven games each week. So this exercise helps me narrow down which games I should select.

I will use the Westgate Las Vegas Super Contest lines that are released on Wednesday and are fixed at that number. I rarely get involved in the Thursday night game in my contests so I’m going to wait until Friday to release the picks. But if I have a strong opinion on the Thursday game, I’ll write about it early in the week or tweet out my thoughts.

This article will be short for Week 1 because I’ve already written about teams I like early, teams I’m looking to fade and posted my early power ratings

Tier 1

Dolphins +1.5 vs Titans 

Giants +3 vs Jaguars – Giants +3 is good enough to bet but would’ve preferred +3.5 when that was available before preseason games began. 

Tier 2

Vikings -6.5 vs 49ers

Cowboys +3 vs Panthers – Still strongly considering a bet on the Cowboys if I can get the full field goal.

Tier 3

Chargers -3.5 vs Chiefs

Broncos -3 vs Seahawks 

Bears +7.5 vs Packers 

Tier 4

Browns +3.5 vs Steelers

Ravens -7.5 vs Bills 

Buccaneers +9.5 vs Saints

Texans +6.5 vs Patriots 

Rams -4 vs Raiders

Tier 5

Bengals +3 vs Colts – This goes against what I’ve written about this summer because I like the Colts but enough Week 1 preview podcasts this week have talked me into picking the Bengals with low confidence.

Cardinals -1 vs Redskins

Jets +6.5 vs Lions