NFL Contest Picks: Week 4

It’s a really difficult week to find games to bet on in the NFL. There’s always a handful of those weeks throughout the season. No harm is scaling back if you bet individual games but still need to find sides for a picking in a contest. Here are my picks:

Tier 1

Bengals +5 vs Falcons – Like the Bengals a lot at +5 but wouldn’t bet it at the current number of -3.5. The Falcons suffered another key injury on defense in an overtime loss last week. 

Broncos +5 vs Chiefs – I’ve gone against the Chiefs all season, including heavy the last two weeks. I think this is the spot where the Broncos slow down Mahomes in Denver on primetime. 

Tier 2

Lions +3 vs Cowboys – Ended up with the Lions because of the injury to Sean Lee. Don’t love the situation for Detroit off a huge win against New England but think their offense can have some success here. 

Tier 3 

Raiders -2.5 vs Browns – Going to look to bet the Raiders first half in this game. Oakland has had the lead at halftime in all three games but are 0-3.  

Giants +3.5 vs Saints – The Saints have some real issues on defense right now that the Giants should be able to capitalize on at home.

49ers +10 vs Chargers – I could totally be wrong here but I can see a strong effort from San Francisco in the game following the season-ending injury to Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Tier 4

Jets +7.5 vs Jaguars

Patriots -6.5 vs Dolphins 

Ravens +3 vs Steelers

Tier 5

Titans +4 vs Eagles

Texans +1 vs Colts

Packers -9.5 vs Bills

Bears -3 vs Buccaneers 

Cardinals +3 vs Seahawks