World Cup 2014: European Qualifying Predictions

The always amusing European World Cup qualifying begins on Friday. The top team from each group qualify for Brazil and the second place teams has a chance to get in the World Cup through a playoff. Here are my group predictions:

Group A: 1. Belgium; 2. Croatia; 3. Serbia; 4. Scotland; 5. Wales; 6 Macedonia

Group B: 1. Italy; 2. Denmark; 3. Czech Republic; 4. Armenia; 5. Bulgaria; 6. Malta

Group C: 1. Germany; 2. Republic of Ireland; 3. Sweden; 4. Austria; 5. Kazakhstan; 6. Faroe Islands

Group D: 1. Netherlands; 2. Turkey; 3. Estonia; 4. Romania; 5. Hungary; 6. Andorra

Group E: 1. Slovenia; 2. Switzerland; 3. Norway; 4. Albania; 5. Iceland; 6. Cyprus

Group F: 1. Russia; 2. Portugal; 3. Israel; 4. Northern Ireland; 5. Azerbaijan; 6. Luxembourg

Group G: 1. Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2. Greece; 3. Slovakia; 4. Lithuania; 5. Latvia; 6. Liechtenstein

Group H: 1. England; 2. Poland; 3. Montenegro; 4. Ukraine; 5. Moldova; 6. San Marino

Group I: 1. Spain; 2. France; 3. Belarus; 4. Finland; 5. Georgia

This means I think Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England and Spain will be nine of the 13 teams from Europe that go to the World Cup. The second place team with the lowest point total won’t have an opportunity to compete in the second place playoffs. The other eight will meet in the playoffs in November 2013. Check back with the website for updates of World Cup qualifying from all continents.


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