NFL Picks: Updated 2012 NFL Regular Season Standings

Most of the NFL teams have played a quarter of their schedule (Colts and Steelers were on bye in week 4). Before the season, I predicted the order of each division and over/under for win totals. After four weeks I have given up on some of my preseason predictions and made new picks to my division standings. The wild card teams will have an asterisk.

NFC East (same as preseason)

1. Giants

2. Eagles*

3. Redskins

4. Cowboys

NFC North 

1. Bears- moved up 1 spot from preseason

2. Packers*- moved down 1

3. Vikings- moved up 1

4. Lions- moved down 1

NFC South

1. Falcons- moved up 1

2. Buccaneers- moved down 1

3. Panthers- moved up 1

4. Saints- moved down 1

NFC West

1. 49ers

2. Cardinals- moved up 2

3. Seahawks- moved down 1

4. Rams- moved down 1

AFC East (same as preseason)

1. Patriots

2. Bills*

3. Jets

4. Dolphins

AFC North (same as preseason)

1. Ravens

2. Steelers*

3. Bengals

4. Browns

AFC South (same as preseason)

1. Texans

2. Titans

3. Colts

4. Jaguars

AFC West 

1. Chargers- moved up 1

2. Broncos- moved up 1

3. Chiefs- moved down 2

4. Raiders


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