Why The Bears Will Make The Playoffs

Since I have been in college, starting in 2010, I have had minimal expectations before each Bears season. It’s hard to get a feel for the team when you are far away from the Chicago media and don’t have the ability to watch a preseason game unless you stream it on a computer. After watching years of Lovie Smith’s teams, there wasn’t too much to get excited about each year.  The defense would be solid but the offense would need everyone healthy to have the best personal to execute with a bad offensive coordinator. 

The 2013 version of the Bears are a little different. Former NFL and college football assistant, CFL coach, and Rod Marinelli look-alike Marc Trestman takes over a 10-6 team that struggled down the stretch and missed the playoffs. Trestman is an offensive guru and I think he will be able to fix the offensive line that features four new starters. The second season in Chicago of the Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall combo will produce. Alshon Jeffery will emerge as a legitimate No. 2 wide receiver. Because Marshall and Jeffery will be able to stretch the field, new tight end Martellus Bennett will be a big piece of the offense and make Bears fans forget about the horrible Greg Olsen trade. I’m looking forward to seeing Matt Forte’s role in the running and passing game this season.

I think the defense will play well enough. Lance Briggs is the leader of the defense with Brian Urlacher gone. I’m looking forward to seeing John Bostic at middle linebacker even if veteran D.J. Williams gets the starting nod.

The Bears were 10-6 last season and have an improved offensive line. They will make the playoffs as a wild card team. The best case scenario is they progress on offense like Seattle last season and improve each week.


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