NFL Picks: Week 3 Power Ratings and Cheat Sheet

Here are my NFL power ratings after Week 2 with my numbers from last week included to show how much I upgraded or downgraded a team.

Team After Week 1 After Week 2
Patriots 15 15.5
Steelers 12 12
Packers 12 11
Seahawks 11.5 11
Falcons 10.5 11
Chiefs 10.5 11
Cowboys 11.5 10.5
Vikings 10 10
Eagles 10 9.5
Panthers 10 9.5
Ravens 9 9.5
Raiders 9 9.5
Titans 8.5 9
Buccaneers 7.5 8
Broncos 7 8
Redskins 7 7.5
Lions 7 7.5
Bengals 8 7
Giants 8 7
Saints 8 7
Chargers 7.5 7
Dolphins 6 6.5
Cardinals 7 6
Texans 5 5.5
Jaguars 5.5 5
Bills 5 5
Bears 5 4
Rams 4.5 4
49ers 1.5 2
Browns 1.5 1
Colts 0 0.5
Jets 0 -1

Here is the cheat sheet for Week 3:

Game Lookahead Line Wednesday Line My Line
Rams at 49ers Rams -2.5 Rams -2.5 Rams -0.5
Ravens vs Jaguars (London) Ravens -4.5 Ravens -3.5 Ravens -4.5
Browns at Colts Browns -3 Browns -1 Colts -2
Steelers at Bears Steelers -6.5 Steelers -7 Steelers -6
Dolphins at Jets Dolphins -5.5 Dolphins -6 Dolphins -6
Broncos at Bills Bills -1.5 Broncos -3 Broncos -0.5
Texans at Patriots Patriots -12 Patriots -13 Patriots -13.5
Saints at Panthers Panthers -5.5 Panthers -6 Panthers -5
Buccaneers at Vikings Vikings -3 No Line Vikings -5
Falcons at Lions Falcons -3 Falcons -3 Falcons -1
Giants at Eagles Eagles -3 Eagles -5.5 Eagles -5
Seahawks at Titans Seahawks -1 Titans -3 Titans -0.5
Chiefs at Chargers Chiefs -1.5 Chiefs -3 Chiefs -3
Bengals at Packers Packers -9 Packers -8.5 Packers -7.5
Raiders at Redskins Raiders -3.5 Raiders -3 Pick’ em
Cowboys at Cardinals Cowboys -3 Cowboys -3 Cowboys -2

The two biggest difference in look ahead line to current point spread is in the Broncos-Bills and Seahawks-Titans games. Because of that I’m taking a hard look at the Bills and Seahawks this week because of the line value.

I also like the Bills because of the situation. The Broncos are coming off a blowout win against the Cowboys and have the Raiders on deck in Week 4. A trip between to Orchard Park, New York is a really tough scheduling spot for Denver. Because of the huge AFC West showdown between the Broncos and Raiders, I’m also drawn towards the Redskins this week as they catch Oakland at home on Sunday night.

Speaking of possible look ahead games, the Ravens and Steelers square off in Week 4. This week the Ravens travel to London to face the Jaguars, who are used to the trip across the pond. Baltimore also lost guard Marshal Yanda to a season-ending injury, which could really impact their offense. The Steelers have a date this week against the Bears and I have a hard time trusting Pittsburgh to cover a big number on the road against an out of conference opponent. They seem to play up and down to their competition under Mike Tomlin. I’m not sure if I trust the Jaguars or Bears enough to play them but wanted to bring up the unfavorable spots for the Ravens and Steelers.

It’s a very interesting Week 3 board with eight true home underdogs. I’ve circled a lot of games and have at least a lean in most of them. However, I’m going to continue to look up more information before making any official picks. Follow The Sharpest Squares on Twitter because that’s where I’m likely going to post picks.


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